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About Us

When comparing two different specimens, it would be quite impractical to use two different microscopes and switching between them when peering at the other specimen. Neither would using one microscope and doing comparisons by memory. This would take too much time and might not be too accurate. Two separate microscopes do not have exact qualities such as the resolution. Doing separate observations and basing your results on what you recalled would not be accurate too. Besides, both methods might take too much time. Both of these are no-no’s especially in the forensic industry, where efficiency, speed and accuracy are needed. This is where comparison microscopes come in. Being basically two microscopes merged into one, you can give two specimens a look as they lie side by side. It would be easier to spot their similarities, whether they match. It saves you the time and money of using two separate microscopes or the accuracy of doing the comparisons by mind. The different microscopic details can be observed easily as you can see both the base and the evidence in just one look, presented in a split view window.

What exactly are we all about?
Comparison Microscopes is a seller that provides high quality comparison microscopes for different industries but most especially for the forensic studies, which uses them to look at different evidences such as bullet shells. No more worrying about the details you may have forgotten if you only had one compound microscope. You may rest easy knowing that you can observe both of your specimen without resulting to spending more or sacrificing your accuracy. With our wide range of high quality comparison microscopes that cover every resolution and special features you may need, you will surely find one that will satisfy your every requirement.

Our products and our customers
We provide a complete range of comparison microscope for every conceivable use. Any requirement our customer will present, we can surely match one for them. They don’t have to look for any more. They can have it all with our one-stop shop and our complete products. Of course many people equate quality with expensiveness. We assure you that our comparison microscopes come in reasonable, and very affordable prices. So if you need a new comparison microscope, don’t hesitate to grab your phone and call us.